Author archive for Pete Fussey

  • Jul032019

    HRBDT Researchers Launch New Report on London Metropolitan Police’s Trial of Live Facial Recognition Technology

    A new report by researchers from the Human Rights, Big Data & Technology Project, based at the University of Essex…

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  • Jul032018

    Quick Comment on UK Draft Data Retention and Acquisition Regulations 2018 and the Definition of ‘Serious Crime’ for Bulk Surveillance Powers

    The UK Government has published the Draft Data Retention and Acquisition Regulations 2018, which propose changes to the Investigatory Powers…

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  • May172018

    Police are using big data to profile young people, putting them at risk of discrimination

    Originally published in The Conversation on 16 May 2018. Amnesty International has raised a series of human rights issues in…

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  • Feb022016

    After Paris, it’s traditional detective work that will keep us safe, not mass surveillance

    Published on The Conversation on 19 November 2015.  Before the dust has even settled from the attacks on Paris, familiar…

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