Algorithmic accountability research

  • Oct152020

    Human Rights Expert Receives Major Funding To Investigate Impact of Algorithms on Democracy

    Dr Daragh Murray, a member of the Human Rights Big Data and Technology Project, has been awarded major funding to…

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  • Dec312019

    Ensuring that Human Rights are central to AI regulation and governance

    A key part of HRBDT’s work is to show how human rights are both affected by the design, development and…

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  • Apr232019

    Google’s pay audit and the meaning of ‘equality’

    This blog was originally published on the Human Rights Centre Blog. In March of this year, Google found that they were…

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  • Mar282019

    The need for clear governance frameworks on predictive algorithms in military settings

    This post originally appeared on the Humanitarian Law and Policy Blog. Editor’s note: In this post, as part of the AI blog…

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  • Mar262019

    HRBDT Public Panel Discussion: “Algorithmic Accountability and Human Rights” 26 March 2019

    On 26 March the Human Rights, Big Data and Technology Project hosted a panel discussion at The Royal Society on…

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  • Nov292018

    HRBDT at 2018 Freedom Online Conference, Berlin

    On 29 November 2018, Lorna McGregor attended the 2018 Freedom Online Conference in Berlin, organised by the Freedom Online Coalition. …

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  • Oct172018

    HRBDT provides evidence to The Law Society’s Public Policy Technology and Law Commission

    On 25 July 2018, Lorna McGregor gave evidence to The Law Society’s Public Policy Technology and Law Commission.  The Law…

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  • Aug032018

    RightsCon 2018 – Mobilising the Might of Rights: A Human Rights Based Approach to AI

    Artificial intelligence’s (AI) impact on society demands scrutiny of the ways in which it is designed and deployed. Debates have…

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  • Jul232018

    What Next After the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica Revelations?

    On 2 July 2018, the Human Rights, Big Data and Technology (HRBDT) Project co-hosted a panel discussion with the International…

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  • Jul132018

    HRBDT Conference – Human Rights in a Digital Age

    On 24 May 2018, The Human Rights, Big Data and Technology (HRBDT) Project, based at the Human Rights Centre at…

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