Consent research

  • Dec312019
    Prof Sheldon Leader

    Dealing with Problems of Consent in the Digital Age

    As ever more data are generated from online activity, there is more processing of personal data without meaningful consent being…

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  • Dec032019

    Your Data: Why Should You Care?

    On 3 December 2019, Dr Elena Abrusci, Sabrina Rau (Senior Research Officers) and  Amy Dickens (Doctoral Student) gave a presentation…

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  • Dec172018

    Those pop-up ‘I agree’ boxes aren’t just annoying – they’re potentially dangerous

    Have you noticed the increasing number of pop-ups asking you to consent or “agree” when you visit a website? Do…

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  • Oct162018

    Free, Informed and Unambiguous Consent in the Digital Age: Fiction or Possibility?

    On 10 July, the Human Rights, Big Data, and Technology Project (HRBDT) co-hosted an event in London with the Law…

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  • Jul232018

    What Next After the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica Revelations?

    On 2 July 2018, the Human Rights, Big Data and Technology (HRBDT) Project co-hosted a panel discussion with the International…

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  • Jun052018

    Cambridge Analytica is more than a data breach – it’s a human rights problem

    Originally published in The Conversation on 4 June 2018. The closure of Cambridge Analytica following the revelations about its use…

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  • Dec012017

    UN Forum on Business and Human Rights 2017 – Addressing Access to Remedy in the Digital Age: Corporate Misconduct in Sharing and Processing Personal Data

    2017 United Nations Forum on Business and Human Rights  Addressing Access To Remedy In The Digital Age: Corporate Misconduct In…

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  • Nov302017

    HRBDT at the 2017 UN Business and Human Rights Forum

    On 27 November 2017, the Human Rights, Big Data and Technology Project, together with the Permanent Mission of the Federal Republic…

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  • Sep042017

    HRBDT at the 2017 MyData Conference

    On 30 August 2017, Krisztina Huszti-Orban presented on ‘The Role of Consent in the Collection, Retention, Processing and Sharing of…

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  • Jan302017

    HRBDT at the 2017 Computers, Data Protection and Privacy Conference

    On 26 January 2017, Pete Fussey spoke on a panel on ‘AI, Ethics and Privacy’, organised by the 4TU.Centre for…

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