Intelligence oversight research

  • Aug042020

    The ‘Uberization of Policing’? How Police Negotiate and Operationalise Predictive Policing Technology

    Predictive policing generally refers to police work that utilises strategies, algorithmic technologies, and big data to generate near-future predictions about…

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  • Apr222020

    Right On – The Wednesday Web Chat

    The HRBDT project is supporting a new digital initiative that aims to keep the Human Rights dialogue going during the…

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  • Dec312019

    Creating Human Rights principles for intelligence oversight

    Research has continued on intelligence oversight with ongoing collaboration with the Investigatory Powers Commissioner’s Office. This initiative comprised a number…

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  • Sep152018

    Big Brother Watch and Others v. the United Kingdom – Some initial thoughts

    On Thursday, 13 September 2018, the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) handed down their decision in Big Brother Watch and…

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  • Aug082017

    Vicarious Trauma of the Private Counter-Terror Workforce: Extending the Duty of Care

    Communities used to gather on street corners, sidewalks, parks and public squares. Today, social media platforms are increasingly the forum…

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  • Jul272017

    Regulating Surveillance in the UK

    Originally published by the HUJI Cyber Security Research Center’s Cyber Law Program The surveillance practices of intelligence agencies, and in particular…

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  • Jul272017

    Amnesty International’s Tanya O’Carroll on privacy & the ‘nothing to hide, nothing to fear’ argument

    I recently interviewed Tanya O’Carroll, a Technology and Human Rights advisor at Amnesty International, to discuss government surveillance and its…

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  • Jul252017

    “People just don’t get it” – An interview with Kade Crockford of the ACLU of Massachusetts about why surveillance issues aren’t getting the attention they deserve

    The precarious state of privacy often fails to stir public attention. For example, the Investigatory Powers Act (IPA), a piece…

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  • Jan302017

    HRBDT at the 2017 Computers, Data Protection and Privacy Conference

    On 26 January 2017, Pete Fussey spoke on a panel on ‘AI, Ethics and Privacy’, organised by the 4TU.Centre for…

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  • Nov162016

    Big Data, Mass Surveillance, and The Human Rights, Big Data & Technology Project

    Editor’s note: This post forms part of a larger series addressing key issues related to human rights, technology and big data.  Digital…

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