Global Protection Cluster: The Use of Data to Promote Age, Gender and Diversity Mainstreaming

In March, HRBDT hosted a symposium of the Global Protection Cluster (GPC) at the University of Essex on ‘The use of data to promote age, gender and diversity mainstreaming (AGDM)’. The GPC is the UN body responsible for protecting conflict-driven internally displaced persons (‘IDPs’). At present, there are about 130 million persons of concern to the UN (42m IDPs) who are caught up in conflicts in places such as Syria, Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia and Ukraine. Necessarily, the relevant humanitarian actors are trying to bring some order to those situations and this symposium sought to ensure that no-one’s needs go unmet due to issues around age, gender and diversity. The aim of the Symposium was to bring together experts in protection and in information management from humanitarian situations for an exploration about what is and is not possible for humanitarian agencies to do in promoting AGDM through data: to challenge all those actors to do more and better, but to set realistic expectations of what can be achieved. It followed on a long association between the GPC and the HRBDT project that has sought to ensure that the academic research has an impact in some of the world’s most acute crises. The symposium was led by Prof Geoff Gilbert. A report of the Global Protection Cluster Roundtable is available here.