HRBDT at the 36th Session of the UN Human Rights Council

On 20 September 2017, Lorna McGregor participated in a side event on ‘Artificial Intelligence, Justice and Human Rights’ at the 36th session of the UN Human Rights Council,  co-organised by OPTIC and Dominicans for Justice and Peace and co-sponsored by the Holy See, Liechtenstein and the Caritas in Veritate Foundation.

Lorna stressed the need to understand our current and future environments in order to make sense of human rights implications in the digital age. She highlighted both the opportunities provided, and challenges posed, by AI for human rights and the sustainable development goals. She discussed imperfect data feeding into algorithms, resulting in discrimination being ‘baked in’ and consequently accentuating, rather than resolving, human bias. Lorna concluded that international human rights law could provide a framework to address the risks posed by AI, noting the need to consider the responsibility of States and businesses.

Please see here for more information about the side event.