HRBDT News Circular – 11 January 2021

The Human Rights, Big Data and Technology Project has prepared an overview of  Human Rights, Tech and AI related news stories. This summary contains news articles from 1 – 11 January 2021


Congress Riot

Tech Tent: Did Social Media Inspire Congress RiotBBC News

Parler social network drops offline after Amazon pulls supportBBC News

How an internet lie about the Capitol invasion turned into an instant conspiracy theoryMIT technology review

Nothing can stop what’s coming’: Far Right Forums that fomented Capitol riots voice glee in aftermathWashington Post


Covid Contact Tracing Apps

Singapore’s police now have access to contact tracing dataMIT Technology Review

Why some countries suspended, replaced or relaunched their covid appsMIT Technology Review


Deep Fakes

Deepfake porn images still give me nightmaresBBC News

The year deepfakes went mainstreamMIT Technology Review


Facial Recognition

Facial recognition identifies people wearing masksBBC News

The facial recognition app Clearview sees a spike in use after the Capitol attackNew York Times

Why 2020 was a pivotal, contradictory year for facial recognitionMIT Technology Review



Prioritising Tech in 2021 will be the path to pandemic recovery for Mental HealthTechCrunch

More virus-zapping robots are coming and they’re here to stayWashington Post



Facts won’t fix this: experts on how to fight America’s disinformation crisisGuardian

Misinformation superspreaders: Covid vaccine falsehoods still thriving on Facebook and InstagramGuardian



Whatsapp and Facebook to share users’s data outside EU and UKBBC News


Tech, AI and Society

One hundred years since a hellish vision of technology spawned that fateful word: robotGuardian

Big Tech’s attention economy can be reformed. Here’s how. – MIT Technology Review

Five Ways to Make AI a greater force for good in 2021MIT Technology Review

What Buddhism can do for AI ethicsMIT Technology Review

Just how bad was this year? These professors found answers on Twitter Washington Post


Trump  Social Media ban

Trump Twitter ban ‘raises regulation questions’ – Hancock BBC News

Trump scrambles to find new social network after Twitter ban, as White House prepares to blast big techWashington Post

In Pulling Trump’s Megaphone, Twitter Shows Where Power Now LiesNew York Times

The deplatforming of President Trump –  TechCrunch

Europe seizes on social media’s purging of Trump to bang the drum for  regulation – TechCrunch




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