HRBDT News Circular – 2 November 2020

The Human Rights, Big Data and Technology Project has prepared an overview of  Human Rights, Tech and AI related news stories. This summary contains news articles from  20 October to 2 November 2020.


Artificial Intelligence

How to make a chatbot that isn’t racist or sexistMIT Technology Review

AI has exacerbated racial bias in housing. Could it help eliminating it instead?MIT Technology Review

Nearly half of councils in Great Britain use algorithms to help make claims decisions – Guardian


Covid 19

Boyfriends for rent, robots, camming: how the business of loneliness is booming  – Guardian


Facial Recognition

Live facial recognition is tracking kids suspected of crimeMIT Technology Review



Health Literacy should be valued as a social driver of poor health outcomesForbes

Smartwatch app notifies deaf and hard of hearing people of soundsForbes

How an AI tool for fighting hospital deaths actually worked in the real world MIT Technology Review



The Year in Misinformation, So FarNew York Times

How to talk to kids and teens about misinformationMIT Technology Review

Inside the strange new world of being a  deep fake actorMIT Technology Review

Facebook has good reason for blocking research into it’s political ad targetingGuardian


US Election

Trump allies, largely unconstrained by Facebook’s rules against repeated falsehoods, cement pre-election dominanceWashington Post

Guide to navigating social media during the electionWashington Post

‘Tsunamis of Misinformation’ Overwhelm Local Election Officials New York Times

How social media is preparing for US election chaosBBC News

Facebook leaks reveal policy on restricting New York Post’s Biden story.Guardian

Instagram to suspend recent content amplification to stop spread of fake election new – Reuters



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