HRBDT News Circular – 9 November 2020

The Human Rights, Big Data and Technology Project has prepared an overview of  Human Rights, Tech and AI related news stories. This summary contains news articles from  3 – 9 November 2020.


Artificial Intelligence

How artificial intelligence may be making you buy thingsBBC news

Robot soldiers could make up a quarter of the British Army by 2030sGuardian

Artificial Intelligence is making the beauty industry work for everyoneWired



Popular apps T’s&C’s longer than Harry PotterBBC news


Covid 19

Coronavirus: England’s test and trace programme breaks GDPR data lawBBC news


Facial Recognition

Portland, Maine passes referendum banning facial surveillanceTechCrunch


Freedom of Speech

UK lawyers uneasy about plans to prosecute hate speech at homeGuardian



Twitter and Facebook warnings aren’t enough to save democracyWashington Post

Twitter labels Trumps latest claim about election fraud  as ‘disputed’ but doesn’t limit disseminationWashington Post

Facebook’s latest attempt to slow disinformation means probation for groupsWashington Post

How viral videos helped blast voting lies across the web  – Washington Post

How claims of dead Michigan voters spread faster than the factsNew York Times

On election day Twitter and Facebook did better by making their products worseNew York Times

Daily Crunch: Social media confronts election misinformationTechCrunch



WhatsApp lets messages vanish after 7 days – BBC news


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