Health and Human Rights

Work Stream Three studies the synergies between the twin revolutions in technology and big data, and in health rights operationalisation, focusing on the opportunities presented by the former.

The last decade has witnessed a revolution in health rights. There is now a growing movement to extend these rights beyond constitutions and treaties, operationalising heath rights to make them meaningful to all. This Work Stream addresses how big data and econometric analysis can be used to measure the progressive realisation of health rights and to accelerate their practical delivery.  It will also contribute to a better understanding of evaluations of human rights-shaped health interventions.

The Work Stream focuses on the following research questions:

  • Can technology and big data, especially e-health, m-health and telemedicine, contribute to the targeting and practical operationalisation of health rights and, if so, how?
  • Can big data enhance the accountability of duty-bearers in relation to health-rights? What role do civil registration and vital statistics play in this?
  • Can big data help to generate evidence demonstrating whether human rights-shaped interventions contribute to health and other gains?


Please check back regularly for Work Stream Three publications and reports.


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