Big Data, Technology and Human Rights (Full Rights Implications, Regulation and Remedies)

Work Stream One focuses on how technology and big data are reshaping the conceptualisation of rights in today’s digital age. It provides an insight into the nature of, and connections between, the positive and negative human rights implications of technology and big data and maps the existing and developing legal responses at the international and multi-stakeholder forum levels.

Work Stream One acts as a hub for Work Streams Two to Four. As well as providing the overarching frameworks within which the other Work Streams will work, it assesses outputs from Work Streams Two to Four, identifying areas of connectivity and analysing and proposing solutions to challenges highlighted by the following overarching and cross-cutting themes:

  • The scope and meaning of human rights in a digital age;
  • Developing methodology for the investigation of the positive and negative uses of technology and big data; and
  • Regulation of State and non-State actors in the use of technology and big data.

Work Stream One feeds back into Work Streams Two to Four, shaping their activities and providing wider context, knowledge and a more informed basis for the approaches developed in each thematic area.


  • Jun132017

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    Algorithmic Decision-Making and Human Rights

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    Data for Social Change | An Interview with Andrew Stott

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  • Jan162017

    Privacy: System Failure | An Interview with Gus Hosein

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  • Nov162016

    Human Rights in the Digital Age: The Perils of Big Data and Technology (Part II)

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