Rights, regulation and remedies

Work Stream One focuses on how technology and big data are reshaping the conceptualisation of rights in today’s digital age. It provides an insight into the nature of, and connections between, the positive and negative human rights implications of technology and big data and maps the existing and developing legal responses at the international and multi-stakeholder forum levels.


  • Dec312019
    12th Asia Human Rights Forum, Seoul, South Korea

    Ensuring Individuals and Groups can Access Justice and Remedies where Their Rights have been Affected by the Use of AI

    A major part of HRBDT’s research is on access to justice and remedies for individuals and groups whose human rights…

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  • Dec312019

    Ensuring that Human Rights are central to AI regulation and governance

    A key part of HRBDT’s work is to show how human rights are both affected by the design, development and…

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  • Dec312019

    Collaborating with the United Nations

    A major focus of the HRBDT project is contributing to the articulation of how human rights standards apply to AI,…

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  • Dec172018

    Those pop-up ‘I agree’ boxes aren’t just annoying – they’re potentially dangerous

    Have you noticed the increasing number of pop-ups asking you to consent or “agree” when you visit a website? Do…

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