Submission to the Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence

In September 2017, the Human Rights, Big Data and Technology Project made a submission to the House of Lords Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence.

The submission notes that while artificial intelligence may offer significant benefits to society, particularly if equitably distributed, it also carries significant risk, including to the protection and promotion of human rights. Debates on how to ensure that artificial intelligence benefits all in society and contributes to, rather than threatens, human rights are only beginning to take place. Often framed as the need for an ethical approach to the development and use of artificial intelligence, no consensus has been reached on what such an ethical approach entails.

The Project submits that international human rights standards and norms should sit at the heart of the development and use of artificial intelligence. The international human rights framework encompasses a range of substantive and procedural rights, as well as setting out the obligations of duty bearers (States and corporations) and rights of those affected. It also requires a systematic and integrated approach to prevention, monitoring and oversight, accountability and remedies for human rights concerns. It therefore provides a clear, internationally agreed and effective solution to address many of the questions facing the development and use of artificial intelligence.

You can find the Project’s submission here.