The HRBDT Project Meets with UNHCR and UNOSAT to Discuss Using Technology to Help Protect Displaced Persons

The HRBDT Project is delighted to welcome Rebeca Moreno Jimenez (UNHCR), Sofia Kyriazi (UNHCR) and Katarina Palmkron (UNOSAT) for a meeting this week on the use of technology to help protect displaced persons.

Working with AI specialists and social science researchers within the HRBDT project team, the aim is to see how far protection can be enhanced in the field. With 68.5 million persons of concern to UNHCR, the need to have accurate and verifiable data to predict movements and prepare to receive refugees can only improve international protection. At the same time, the methods devised to collect the data need to respect the rights of the displaced persons and should avoid any in-built biases through algorithms or access to technology. The HRBDT Project’s research team are working with UNHCR so as to bring cutting edge academic research to create impact in the wider-user community.

[Image courtesy of NASA]