Weekly HRBDT News Circular – 13 October 2017

Each week the Human Rights, Big Data and Technology Project prepares an overview of related news stories from the week. This summary contains news articles from 6 – 13 October 2017.

Armed Conflict

When Big Data went to war and lostPolitico

Artificial Intelligence

How To Make AI The Best Thing To Happen To UsNPR


German privacy concerns trip up high-tech venturesPolitico


‘Black Data’ Is the Reason Why Smart Policing Is Still Incredibly BiasedGizmodo

Eavesdropping Google Home Mini Units Are Igniting Privacy ConcernsFortune

Privacy concerns voiced over photo database link to real-time surveillanceThe Guardian


AI and Big Data – three years in the evolution of accountingDiginomica

Bookmakers to embrace ‘big data’ to shift racing’s betting landscapeThe Guardian

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