Weekly HRBDT News Circular – 23 March 2018

Weekly HRBDT News Circular – 23 March 2018
March 27, 2018 Krzysztof Garstka

Each week the Human Rights, Big Data and Technology Project prepares an overview of related news stories from the week. This summary contains news articles from 17th – 23rd March 2018.


How the AI Cloud Could Produce the Richest Companies Ever – MIT Technology Review

Uber Self-driving Crash: Footage Shows Moment Before Impact – BBC


Threat of Russian Cyber Reprisal Puts UK Finance, Power and Water on High Alert  – The Guardian


AI Can Spot Signs of Alzheimer’s Before Your Family Does – MIT Technology Review

Scientists Develop Brain Scanner in a Helmet  – Reuters

AI Could Alleviate China’s Doctor Shortage  – MIT Technology Review

Privacy, Data Protection and Security 

Part 1 – Cambridge Analytica

Facebook’s Zuckerberg Speaks Out Over Cambridge Analytica ‘Breach’ – BBC

How to Manipulate Facebook and Twitter Instead of Letting Them Manipulate You – MIT Technology Review

For Many Facebook Users, a ‘Last Straw’ That Led Them to Quit – New York Times

Australia’s Major Parties Defend Privacy Exemption over Cambridge Analytica – The Guardian

Part 2 – General

Privacy and Civil Liberties under the CLOUD Act: A Response – Just Security

Minister Forced to Change His Own App After Data-mining Complaints – The Guardian

Commonwealth Games Wifi Service Will Mine Visitors’ Facebook Data  – The Guardian


YouTube Will Ban Some Gun Videos – New York Times

YouTube is Banning Gun Videos. Now They’re Reappearing on Pornhub – The Next Web

Tech Giants Express Concern over Singapore Plan to Fight Fake News – Reuters

Technology Giants Face European ‘Digital Tax’ Blow – BBC


U.S. Spending Bill Includes Bid to Solve International Email Privacy Impasse – Reuters

Board Bill 66 Puts Police Surveillance Under Public Scrutiny – St Louis American

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