Weekly HRBDT News Circular – 25 January 2019

Each week The Human Rights, Big Data and Technology Project prepares an overview of related news stories from the week. This summary contains news articles from  19 – 25 January 2019.



Amazon Is Pushing Facial Technology That a Study Says Could Be BiasedThe New York Times

Microsoft welcomes regulation on facial recognition technology: Nadella Reuters

Thousands tell HMRC to delete voice dataBBC



NHS to prescribe ‘app therapy’ for children with mild depressionThe Guardian



Facebook and Google back Labor changes to laws which break encryptionThe Guardian

France fines Google $57 million for European privacy rule breachReuters

How Do You Govern Machines That Can Learn? Policymakers Are Trying to Figure to Figure That OutThe New York Times

Singapore releases framework on how AI can be ethically usedThe Straits Times


World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2019 – Globalisation 4.0: Shaping a New Architecture in the Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution 

World Economic Forum warns of AI’s potential to worsen global inequalityTechCrunch

World Leaders at Davos Call for Global Rules on TechThe New York Times

Davos tiptoes around the questions of Big Tech governanceThe Financial Times

Facing Backlash, Silicon Valley Says It Can ChangeWall Street Journal



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