Weekly HRBDT News Circular – 29 March 2019

Each week The Human Rights, Big Data and Technology Project prepares an overview of related news stories from the week. This summary contains news articles from  22 – 29 March 2019.

AI Ethics

‘Bias Deep Inside The Code’:  The Problem With AI ‘Ethics’ in Silicon ValleyThe Guardian

Google Sets-Up Advisory Panel for Guidance on AI Ethics – Computing

The Pentagon is ‘Absolutely Unapologetic’ About Pursuing AI-Powered WeaponsNextgov

Battlefield Artificial Intelligence Gets $72M Army Investment – US Army

Autonomous Weapons that Kill Must be Banned, Insists UN ChiefUN News

How Artificial Intelligence is Helping Farmers and Babies in the Developing World – MIT Technology Review

Can We Stop AI Outsmarting Humanity? The Guardian


Freedom of Expression

Christchurch Shows How Social Media Sites Help Spread the Poison of Far-Right IdeologyThe Guardian

Facebook Bans White Nationalism from Platform After Pressure from Civil Rights GroupsNBC News

How the EU Copyright Proposal Will Hurt the Web and WikipediaWikimedia Foundation

What Europe’s Copyright Overhaul Means for YouTube, Facebook and the Way You Use the InternetCNBC

The European Copyright Directive: What Is It, and Why Has It Drawn More Controversy Than Any Other Directive In EU History?Electronic Frontier Foundation



Wave of Big Data and the Swaying Ship of Public Health in India – DownToEarth

Advancing Digital Health in Nigeria – The Guardian, Nigeria

The Great Debate: Lab Tests Versus Artificial Intelligence For Personalized NutritionForbes

In the Wake of My Health Record, Canberra Wants to get National Data Scheme RightZDNet



Google Pulls Conversion-Therapy App After Human Rights Campaign Ding – New York Magazine



Eyes on the Road! (Your Car is Watching) – The New York Times

The ‘Face Off’ Between Biometrics and Privacy – Computing

Smart Talking: Are Our Devices Threatening Our Privacy?The Guardian

How Would a ‘Smart Wall’ Work at the U.S.-Mexico Border?Los Angeles Times

The Technology Truth About The Border Wall DebateForbes

Lawmakers Call for Termination of NSA Domestic Surveillance ProgramThe Wall Street Journal

DEA Never Checked If Its Massive Surveillance Operations Are Legal, Watchdog SaysNextgov

Finland Parliament Adds Exception to Constitutional Right to PrivacyJurist

Israeli Hacking Company NSO Group Is Trying to Clean Up Its ImageMotherboard

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