Weekly HRBDT News Circular – 3 November 2017

Each week the Human Rights, Big Data and Technology Project prepares an overview of related news stories from the week. This summary contains news articles from 27 October – 3 November 2017.

AI and Algorithms

Artificial intelligence risks GM-style public backlash, experts warnThe Guardian

The algorithms that are already changing your lifeThe Guardian

We’re building a dystopia just to make people click on adsZeynep Tufekci (TED Talk)Why AI is still waiting for its ethics transplantWired


“Basic Science” of Healthcare Big Data Analytics Still Needs WorkHealth IT Analytics

Google’s grand plan for health, from fitness apps right up to defeating deathZD Net

How smarter health technology is improving our quality of careThe Telegraph Business


The Illusion of Freedom in the Digital AgeProject Syndicate

Trump wants to keep our draconian surveillance laws. Don’t let him do itThe Guardian

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