Weekly HRBDT News Circular – 7 June 2019

Each week The Human Rights, Big Data and Technology Project prepares an overview of related news stories from the week. This summary contains news articles from 1 – 7 June 2019.


Why Does Beijing Suddenly Care About AI Ethics? MIT Technology Review

Why Siri and Alexa Weren’t Built to Smack Down HarassmentWired

Big Data

The Haves and Have-Nots of Big DataThe Nation

Making Big Tech Companies Share Data Could Do More Good Than Breaking Them UpThe MIT Technology Review


The Complex Ethical Landscape of BiobankingThe Lancet

Fight the Fakes: How to Beat the $200bn Medicine CounterfeitersThe Guardian

Pharma Groups Combine to Promote Drug Discovery with AIFinancial Times


New York’s Privacy Bill is Even Bolder than California’sWired

Under Pressure, Google Cracks Down on Platform Privacy and SafetyCNBC


Google to Buy Data Analytics Company Despite New Antitrust ScrutinyNew York Times

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Says it’s Time to Regulate Big TechThe Verge


Consumer Surveillance Enters Its Bargaining PhaseThe Atlantic

High-tech Surveillance: From China to Brazil?Human Rights Watch


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