HRBDT News Circular 27 April – 1 May 2020

The Human Rights, Big Data and Technology Project has prepared an overview of related news stories from this month. This summary contains news articles from 27 April – 1 May 2020.

Contact Tracing Apps

Contact-tracing Apps and Human RightsEJIL Talk

Coronavirus Contact Tracing Apps Were Meant to Save Us. They won’tWired

Contact Tracing Apps: a Test for Privacy in EuropeAmnesty International

Contact-tracing Apps: a Major Test for Privacy in EuropeEU Observer

Contact Tracing Apps: Extra Risks for Women and Marginalized GroupsHealth and Human Rights Journal


Artificial Intelligence is Predicting Coronavirus Outbreaks Before They StartTechRepublic

Google’s Medical AI was Super Accurate in a Lab. Real life was a Different StoryMIT Technology Review

Human Rights

Why COVID-19 is a Crisis for Digital RightsEuropean Digital Rights

Disease Pandemics and the Freedom of Opinion and ExpressionReport of the UN SR on Freedom of Expression

Joint Declaration on Freedom of Expression and Elections in the Digital AgeUN OHCHR, OAS, OSCE

Using Human Rights Law to Inform States’ Decisions to Deploy AIAJIL Unbound (see also the full symposium here)

Op-Ed: The Sale of the .org Registry to a Private Equity Firm was just Blocked. Here’s Why it MattersLos Angeles Times

Refugee rights