Weekly News Circular – 14 July 2017

Each week the Human Rights, Big Data and Technology Project prepares an overview of related news stories from the week. This summary contains news articles from 8 to 14 July 2017.

Privacy and Surveillance

Amazon and WhatsApp ‘falling short over privacy’, says pressure groupThe Guardian

Facebook rebuffs Malcolm Turnbull on laws to access encrypted messages for criminal investigationsThe Sydney Morning Herald

Mind Reading Technology and the Right to PrivacyBeing Libertarian

Spyware in Mexico Targeted Investigators Seeking StudentsThe New York Times

Trump campaign sued for privacy invasion by victims of DNC hackWashington Times

Freedom of Expression and Hate Speech

Arab Gulf States: Assault on Online ActivistsHuman Rights Watch

Patriotic trolling: how governments endorse hate campaigns against criticsThe Guardian

Technology must ‘foster, not hinder, free speech’dw.com

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