HRBDT News Circular 20 July 2020

The Human Rights, Big Data and Technology Project has prepared an overview of related news stories from the week. This summary contains news articles from 4 – 17 July 2020.


AI and Algorithms

Robot Scientist Revealed – And It’s Already Made Its First Breakthrough – The Independent

An Algorithm Set Students’ Grades—And Altered Their Futures – Wired


Big Data

How The World Is Feeling Right Now, According To Data – The Next Web



Virus-Tracing Apps Are Rife With Problems. Governments Are Rushing To Fix Them – New York Times

How Barcelona Is Using AI On Its Subway Trains To Curb Spread Of Covid-19 – The Next Web


Data Regulation / Privacy

Hong Kong’s Security Law Puts Big Tech At A Crossroads – Wired


Social Media And Social Networks

Facebook Civil-Rights Record Hammered In Own Review – BBC News

Tech Firms Like Facebook Must Restrict Data Sent From EU To US, Court Rules – The Guardian

Twitter Hack: 130 Accounts Targeted In Attack – BBC News

Twitter Users Exploit Algorithm To Promote Celebrity Death Hoaxes – Independent

Trump Might Ban Tiktok — Here’s What Experts Who Pored Through Its Code And Privacy Policies Say About Its Security – Business Insider



UK And Australia To Probe Clearview AI Facial Recognition – Forbes

Germans Hand Police Too Much Data, Court Rules – BBC News



Disclaimer: The views expressed herein are the author(s) alone.