HRBDT News Circular 7 August 2020

The Human Rights, Big Data and Technology Project has prepared an overview of  Human Rights, Tech and AI related news stories. This summary contains news articles from 29 July – 7 August 2020.

Algorithmic Accountability 

Government Under Pressure To Avoid Exam Results ‘Disaster’ That Hurts Poorest – Huffington Post

Home Office Drops ‘Biased’ Visa Algorithm – Financial Times 


Senior Clergymen Among The Activists Targeted By Spyware– The Guardian

This Tool Could Protect Your Photos  From Facial Recognition – New York Times

Smart Speaker Technology 

Google Accidentally Enables Home Smart Speakers To Listen In To Everyday House Sounds – The Independent

Mis/Disinformation and Deepfakes 

Deepfakes Are The Most Dangerous Crime Of The Future  – The Independent

Facebook Fights Order To Globally Block Accounts Linked To Brazilian Election Meddling – Techcrunch

Hackers Post Fake Stories On Real News Sites ‘To Discredit Nato’ – BBC News


Coronavirus: England’s Contact-Tracing App Readies For Launch – BBC News

The Pandemic Has Changed How Criminals Hide Their Cash—And AI Tools Are Trying To Sniff It Out – MIT Technology Review

Social Media and Social Platforms 

Twitter Bans Ex-Kkk Leader David Duke – BBC News

Tiktok Row: Microsoft Pursues Deal As China Vows To Resist Us Sanctions – The Guardian

What’s Going On With Tiktok: Here’s What We Know – New York Times


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