Weekly News Circular – 8 December 2016

Each week the Human Rights, Big Data and Technology Project prepares an overview of related news stories from the week. This summary contains news articles from the period dated 28 November to 8 December.

Human Rights and Data

Five ways technology will shape the future of politics, society and human rights – Amnesty International

Technology tools in human rights – The Engine Room

10 Big Data Science Challenges Facing Humanitarian Organisations – UN Global Pulse Blog

Human Trafficking

The Department of Defense’s deep web search engine to find human traffickers just got a boost – VentureBeat

Gender Equality

STEMM education is route to empowerment and leadership for women – Gov.UK


Facebook, Twitter and YouTube work together to crack down on terrorist content online – Tech Times


IBM Watson turns Sherlock Holmes in beta cyber crime programme – Computer Business Review

Snooping, data leaks and the threat to online privacy – Al Jazeera  

Facebook Implements Additional Measures to Prevent Discriminatory Practices in Targeted Advertisements – Reed Smith, ADLaw By Request

China has escalated internet censorship to a new level – Business Insider UK

Revealed: Rio Tinto’s plan to use drones to monitor workers’ private lives – The Guardian


How to Bridge the Gap? Corporate and Government Surveillance Examined at the UN – EJIL:Talk!

Court Dismisses ACLU Challenge to NSA Internet Surveillance – American Civil Liberties Union

Putin approves Russia’s new information security doctrine – Global Times

Orwellian ‘social credit rating’ to block jobs and travel for Chinese – The Times

Freedom of Expression

Qatar: Independent News Website Blocked – Human Rights Watch


Traveling with ease, carrying disease? Using mobile phone data to reduce malaria: Guest post by Sveta Milusheva – The World Bank

Cardiologists Weigh in on Big Data’s Role in Health Care – American College of Cardiology

The Promise and Challenge of Big Data for Pharma Pharma – Harvard Business Review

France to open up patient data records amid privacy concerns – IAPP

Development and Humanitarian Action

“Big Data for Development and Humanitarian Action: Towards Responsible Governance” Report – UN Global Pulse Blog

UNDP and UN Global Pulse Release Practical Guide to Designing Data Innovation Projects – UN Global Pulse Blog


TF France: Data for the good of refugees – TechFugees

Predictive Policing

Predictive policing violates more than it protects: Column – USA Today

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